Royal Iced Wedding Cakes

Royal icing  is one of the most skilled techniques in the art of Sugacraft  and one of the most admired too.

With a wealth of knowledge and fifty years of experience working with this fascinating medium, Karen and her team can produce lace of gossamer quality as fine as spiders threads. Through to bold and ornate scroll work using inspiration of the Rococco period with piping tubes and amazing skills and dexterity second to none.

The most lavish and skilful of all the sugarcraft mediums, Royal Icing is used on the most special occasions making it that extra special for Wedding Cakes.

With the arrival of smooth roll out Sugar Paste in the early 80s, piping with Royal Icing fell out of favour due to the ease of using this paste, it became very much a lost art form.

Not anymore!

With Vintage styles and decoration to the fore , Royal icing is once again taking the lead in a truly  spectacular style.








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