Our Affordable Elegance Range

When a couple approaches us about their wedding cake they are usually looking for something unique and personal to them. These cakes are often a little more expensive as you are paying for the time, ideas and skills that are needed to design a cake to suit you, plus the luxury of never having that design used again. Some of our couples want the couture look but they may not have this kind of budget. Therefore, we also offer an affordable Elegance Range.

Our Elegance range is a set of cakes designed to be modern, striking and interesting so that they retain that couture feel but we use techniques and skills that allow us to keep the decorating time down, which is usually where the largest part of the cost comes from.

You can have these designs exactly as, or for those smaller weddings, (less than 100), we can make some of the tiers faux, so that you have the amount of cake you need and some of the designs we can make fewer tiers altogether. For those weddings that are extra-large (over 250), we can amend most designs to accommodate the amount of cake you need, or simply have some additional cutting cake for the kitchen.

We can of course also amend the colours to suit your Wedding, and sometimes even combine some elements of more than one design.

Faux Tiers  these tiers look exactly like a tier of cake on the outside but are polystyrene on the inside, not only does this save wasting some cake but it will reduce your cost. We will make sure we are clear on which tiers are faux, so you know which tier to cut on the day.

Cutting cake  this is for extra-large weddings where we can make additional large cakes without decoration that go straight to the kitchen on delivery, that are there ready and waiting to be served alongside the portions from the main cake on show. You still have your cake to cut at the main reception but just more portions of cake to serve. This can also help reduce cost rather than having a bigger more highly decorated cake.



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